Bunions can now be corrected with Z.i.P. surgery!

A bunion is a bump on the side of your big toe joint. It is usually painful and can make it hard to find shoes that fit. When you have a bunion, your big toe shifts. When this happens, your big toe leans toward your second toe instead of being straight. If you don’t do anything to correct your bunion, the bump can get bigger causing more pain. Sometimes, the big toe will eventually go under the second toe causing even more problems with your foot.

Custom orthotics will slow down the progression of a bunion, and pads may decrease your pain for a short time, but only surgery can correct a bunion.

There are several surgical options to correct bunions. Most traditional surgeries involve larger incisions. The newest and most innovative procedure is called “ZIP” surgery. ZIP surgery stands for “Zero Incisional Pain” and involves about 4 small incisions to correct your bunion. In fact, the incisions are so small that they usually only take one stitch to close. The result is great correction of the bunion and a wonderful cosmetic appearance without big scars.

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