Fungus Treatment

Did you know there are many different things that can cause your nails to look thick, discolored and ugly?

Fungus is only one of a handful of problems that can affect your toenails. Nail injury, bacteria, exercise, shoes that don’t fit correctly, and skin problems can all lead to ugly toenails.

You can’t tell what is causing your nail problem just by looking at it. We actually have to get a piece of your nail and look at it under a microscope to diagnose your nail issue. We recommend that every patient wanting treatment for their ugly nails get a nail biopsy so we know exactly what their problem is. Once we know the problem we can come up with the right treatment plan. Otherwise, it is just a guess. As you can imagine, guessing isn’t the best way to treat anything.

Once we know the reason your nail is ugly, we can talk about different types of treatments. The most common treatments include taking pills, treating the nail with a laser, topical medications and sometimes removal of the nail. You can decide which of these treatments (or combination of treatments) is right for you.

If you are tired of looking at your ugly toenails we can help. Make your appointment for your nail exam today.