Most Hammertoes can be corrected in our office!

A hammertoe is a painful deformity of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th toe. It is called a hammertoe because the toe resembles a hammer. The toe is bent up in the middle with the end of the toe facing downward. These toes can be rigid and painful. Most patients with hammertoes complain of corns or sores on the top of their toe from rubbing against the top of their shoes. Sometimes hammertoes can pop out of joint and push down on the bone behind it, causing pain on the ball of the foot.

While larger, roomier shoes and toe pads can relieve pain for a short time, surgery is the only real way to correct a hammertoe.

There are different types of hammertoes and some only require surgery on the tendons, while others require more extensive procedures. Most of these procedures can now be performed in the office instead of the hospital, making the procedure more convenient and less expensive.

Traditional hammertoe surgery requires toe surgery to be performed in a hospital or surgery center. These larger surgeries involve longer scars and slower healing times, with increased pain and swelling.