• Dr. Williams is part of an elite group of about 150 surgeons in the US who are certified to use the Wright ProStep
    system for Minimally Invasive Surgery.
  • Z.i.P. surgery uses much smaller incisions and provides a quicker recovery
  • Z.i.P. can be used to treat hammertoes in the office, without the need for a trip to the hospital.
  • Traditional surgery can leave big scars, but Z.i.P. surgery can correct a bunion with 4 small incisions and only a few stitches.

New innovative technology is paving the way to foot surgery with smaller incisions, little to no scarring, less pain, and quicker recovery. Minimally invasive surgery is an innovative way to fix most foot problems. Z.i.P. stands for “Zero Incisional Pain” and provides exceptional correction with small incisions for an easier, less painful recovery. All Z.i.P. procedures are performed using state of the art instrumentation and x-ray techniques that allow for precise correction of the foot.

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Z.i.P. can be performed to correct hammertoes and bunions. Most hammertoes can be corrected in office without the need to go to the hospital, which can reduce the cost of the procedure significantly. In our experience patients who have Z.i.P. surgery tend to have less pain, a quicker recovery, and minimal scarring when compared to traditional types of surgery. Dr. Williams is the only doctor in El Paso, west Texas or southern New Mexico certified to perform these minimally invasive procedures. Schedule a consultation today.

The potential advantages of performing Z.i.P. procedures include:

  • Less pain and stiffness
  • Earlier return to function compared to open procedures
  • Smaller incisions
  • Smaller scars

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